5ft. Blade 
6ft. Box Blade
 New 4ft. LMC BrusHog
New King Kutter Dish
48 inch. Jacobsen Drill Seeder Planter
Kuhr Teddar
4ft. Finish Mower

The  equipment listed below gives you a glimpse at our inventory. If you have questions on any of the equipment you see, be sure to call  at (304) 372-1000 or email us. Equipment moves fast so don't hesitate! 

Pintle/Bumper Trailer w/ Title


We deal in equipment for every need and price range.

New Holland 256 Dolley
Ford New Holland 256
42-inch BrusHog

Best Deal Equipment

New 4ft. Finish Mower
6ft. King Kutter
Ford Dish
6ft. Finish Mower Ceroni
$410.00 each!
AGCO Teddar
5ft. LandPride