Best Deal Equipment

                          7ft. Tiller 

Implements and Attachments

Need a baler to go with that new tractor? What about a grader blade for your driveway? 

             Kubota Roto-Tiller 
     Three-Point Hay Teddar
      Kuhn Disc Mower
             New Holland HM235 Disc Mower
        66 inch: $985 & 78 inch: $1,085
               CCM 135 Drum Mower
               CCM 190 Drum Mower
      8ft. International BrusHog
           190 Drum Mower 

  We deal with dealerships and the public to keep our equipment inventory full and diverse. We are a CCM Distributer, and always keep new mowers in stock. Below are pictures of just a few of the attachments we currently carry.

        Fourwheel Rake
 Fort Five 6ft. 10 inch. Disc.